Hello fellow Entrepreneurs!


A mom, business strategist and consultant, entrepreneur expert, writer, life coach, and steadfast, God-loving, hope, and faith-filled enthusiast driven to equip, empower, educate, encourage and edify you towards your life of joy and success! I WANT to make your experience with becoming an entrepreneur painless and effortless and help monetize YOUR business.

Yes! I DO have an obsession with words starting with the letter “E.”

The Entrepreneur’s Blend Blog was designed with YOU in mind; to create a pathway for all entrepreneurs from the start-up to the seasoned biz owner. Because things can and will get fuzzy and confusing with all of the chatter and overload of information available to us, I will be completely transparent. I will steer you away from the things that the guru’s claim you need to do and help you avoid the “shiny object syndrome.”  I wasted too much time, energy, and money on “stuff” that I did not need to be successful.

The Entrepreneur’s Blend is kind of like an “entrepreneurs hub”.

I’m passionate about equipping, empowering, educating, encouraging, and edifying entrepreneurs just like YOU around the globe. We are all created with uniqueness and have been given unique gifts and talents; that were given to us to help others.

Now that I think about it, I am obsessed with being an entrepreneur. I’m a serial entrepreneur!\"\"


I must have been born with an entrepreneurial spirit! I started my first business right out of high school back in the 80’s (totally dating myself here, I am 54 years young). At that time, most of my friends were leaving for college at the end of the summer. I was not able to go to college and went directly into a full-time job at an insurance agency office. I hated it! I recall how miserable I was in an office from 9 to 5, and this day can tell you exactly where I was standing in that dreary, dreadful, dark, gossipy office when I declared and decreed “I am going to be a business owner.” It wasn’t long after that I started my insurance agency. I learned the ins and outs of personal property and casualty insurance and soon became licensed as a property-casualty insurance agent all before the age of 20. As I look back, I can’t believe the tenacity I had at that age.

This unique “entrepreneurish hub” comes with over 22 years of business experience bringing you expertise and coaching in topics on entrepreneurship, sales and marketing, savvy biz skills, and lifestyle. Being an entrepreneur isn’t always a “walk in the park.” Along with my successes, I have had to overcome many failures. Almost all of my expertise comes from trial and error, and I am still learning more today! Everything I know and gain, I will pass on to YOU!

Since that first biz, my journey has afforded me several others, and it is highly likely there will be more. Helping others has always been a passion for me; I have and will continue to encourage and coach others to start their small to medium businesses, corporations, LLCs, non-profits, ministries, and, most of all, how to monetize your business!


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